Peaks and Troughs

It’s been a funny few days. First of all, as promised, we did “hit” the Nashville gay scene. Perhaps disappointingly, it was rather like the gay scene anywhere else in the world – no cowboys – but within an hour, we’d both made new “friends” 🙂 It’s quite funny to be seen as exotic but I could get used to it. The next day was spent on the bus circuit from hell, trying – in vain – to find the Grand Ole Opry. We never did find the spiritual home of country music but we DID find the Opry Mills shopping outlet village, which proved to be our own private Mecca. Now we’ve left lovely Nashville behind and I’m typing this in our hotel room in Pigeon Forge, TN, looking out at the Great Smoky Mountains (while Nick watches another of those real-life crime shows) As soon as you step out of the hotel, however, you’re confronted with the family vacation horror that is Pigeon Forge. Think of a funfair/shopping mall withthe a motorway running through it and you’ll get the idea. “Tacky” doesn’t really do it justice. Still, this is the reason we’re here and where we’ll be spending the day tomorrow. Pray for us. P.S. The Greyhound bus network gets scarier with each journey we take. Today we met a man with a gunshot wound – to say we’re a little conspicuous is an understatement. Still, travelling in fear gives the whole thing an added edge.

3 responses to “Peaks and Troughs

  1. I don’t know why I’m surprised, but that website is pretty much the gayest thing ever.

  2. You’re just having too much fun. And you didn’t even go to the home of the King? How can anyone not find the Grand Ole Opry? I will have to admit, I’ve never been there, but I thought it was like Rome, all roads lead there. Seeing a man with a bullet wound is nothing compared to BEING the man with a bullet wound.

    Be careful, you’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

  3. At least there’s two of you. Just remember… the ipods are a DEAD giveaway.

    bwah ahaaa haaa.

    Can’t wait till you hit New Orleans. Be sure to eat an oyster po’boy for me, and some gumbo. If I remember correctly, and it has been a long time, you should go to a street that is further south in the French quarter for the good restaurant quarter.

    Just be careful. If someone offers you something, especially if it’s a child, don’t talk to them and don’t accept!

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