Nashville Nights

nashville: wheels, originally uploaded by rhino75.

We’ve been here less than 24 hours but already we’re having SO MUCH MORE fun than in Memphis. Last night we went on a Jack Daniels crawl, endding up in the Ful Moon Saloon, where we saw this lil’ lady. Think gay karaoke but with a country twang. Shelly knows no fear, tackling audience requests for Patsy Cline, Lynrd Skynrd and Fleetwood Mac with nary a blink. We’ve already booked her for L’Enchanteur 🙂 Seriously though, all the bands we saw in the bars on Broadway last night were fantastic and they were just playing for tips. Tonight the plan is to “tackle” gay Nashville. So we’re off to buy chaps and cowboy boots. But not spurs! Stand by for a progress report…

2 responses to “Nashville Nights

  1. Wowzers!! Sounds fab bro!!! Gay Nashville sounds like it could be an experience!! Hope there are some buff cowboys floating around!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. If you want to see cowboys, you need to go to Texas, Oklahoma, or Colorado. There are only cowboy wannabes in Tennessee.

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