mari et femme

mari et femme, originally uploaded by rhino75.

The bride may not have been blushing but she was beautiful. The groom, suave and debonair. The bridesmaid, pretty as a picture. The shoes, as fabulous a collection as in any episode of “Sex and The City”. And don’t get me started on the caterers :). I DO wish someone hadn’t had the bright idea of ordering another alcohol delivery at 4 a.m. though – it almost finished me off. Almost. Congratulations to the bride and groom and here’s to wishing them all the very best in their new life together. Cheers (oh no, not again!) 🙂

7 responses to “mari et femme

  1. Toutes mes félicitations aux mariés !

    Steve, I had never seen you in ties before… (

    I MEAN! Wearing a tie.

    P.S. : good idea to move to WordPress, that’s much better than Blogger. Can’t wait to see this space ultra-customized in a couple of days… 🙂

  2. Hey Steve, glad to see your new link — I’ll have to be sure to update my links over here too! I’m very bad about that kind of thing…

    Of course Catherine is gorgeous! Huge congratulations to her and her Boy… They look tremendously happy, and I’m sure it was an amazing day.

  3. Hehe Thank you, Pierr-O, I think you’ve just made it sound even worse with your “petite précision” 🙂 Alice, welcome to my new home!! It was lovely day…aaah

  4. I like the new digs, Steve — welcome to wordpress!

  5. You’re blogging again! This is almost too much excitement for one week.

  6. Thanks Amy! And Le Meg, let’s not be hasty – I’m about to go on hols for two weeks… 🙂

  7. Like the new look.

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