"Petite Anglaise" by Catherine Sanderson

I suppose I should come clean right at the start and say that while I’m a HUGE fan of Catherine Sanderson, I’ve always been a bit, well, lukewarm (my italics) about her Petite Anglaise blog persona. Not that there’s anything wrong with PA — it’s well-crafted, thoughtful, nicely observed. But it’s like those ads for Vivelle Dop extra-strong hair gel – while its success fills me with admiration and wonder (Can you really get your hair to stick straight up like that? Even while driving a go-kart? How come I don’t know anyone with hair like that?) I know, deep down, that I’m not the target audience. If there were any doubt, a quick rummage through her comments box would give me all the proof I needed. Plus sometimes it’s quite hard for me to tally the person I know with her alter ego. So while I couldn’t wait to read my friend’s book, I was a teensy bit worried how much PA, the queen of passive-aggressive, I’d be able to take. I was surprised. I absolutely loved the opening chapters. They’re engaging, funny, well-paced, pull you right in. And, as always — and this is one of the things I’ve always admired about Cath’s writing — she’s got the “voice” down pat, you BELIEVE the narrator right from the start. Which is more difficult to pull off than you’d think. OK, as seems to be the trend in modern light fiction, there’s a tendency to try and fit two adjectives to every noun that irritates me — how little imagination do you think I have? — but I blame that on the editor. I would happily read a whole volume of these year-abroad memories, they have such a real flavour of Paris and France. But don’t let your guard down, dear reader, because after 100 pages or so, the PA so many have bookmarked and loved rears her head with a vengeance as we get to the break-up with Mr. Frog. I’ve never met the real Mr. Frog, but for me, he is the hero of this book. I suspect that goes for Cath too, given that she’s dedicated it to him. He is, quite simply, the most sympathetic character in the whole thing. Love him and his worn velour top, rainbow jumper and duffel. In different circumstances, I’d suggest he start his own blog. I’d read it. I realise that the split is the bit that most readers will be waiting for — it is, after all, car-crash tv time. Watch PA go to the wall!! Witness unseemly wrangling over the exercise bike!! But I just found it sad and slightly distressing. Would you really end an 8-year relationship, wait for your (now ex-)partner to storm out, switch on the computer and blog about it? And — most disturbingly — CHECK YOUR STATS in front of them the next morning? That way, surely, madness lies. I’ve no idea whether it’s true or not, but I’m not very comfortable with it. Then again, if she hadn’t bared all, I guess I wouldn’t be reading a nice soft-cover version of Petite Anglaise with the famous Penguin logo on the spine. Ho-hum. Anyway, from that point on, the beast is a little harder for me to handle. It’s still nicely written but, as a regular reader of the blog, I already know how things work out with so-wet-I’d-better-mop-the-floor Jim and his corduroy jacket. And “Toby” too. Obviously that isn’t going to be the case for most people who buy the book but, as far as I was concerned, inevitably the tension dipped. On a blog, you can keep the thing afloat because no-one knows what’s going to happen until you decide to post again. In a book, they just have to keep turning the pages, so you need other tricks to keep the suspense going and, for me, they were missing here, as was any real sense of what was driving everyone, what their motivation really was. A bit of that would have perked it up, methinks. I did like the end though, there’s a nice “framing” effect with the last couple of chapters that rounds everything off nicely. So that’s my two penn’orth. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did. Not just because it’s my friend’s work and I know how much of herself she’s put into it, but also because I think it’s just the first step and there are few things I like more than being in at the start. Those early chapters show a comic touch that a) is much closer to the Cath I know than PA and b) convince me she’ll be able to move past the blogger-turned-writer label to keep us entertained a long time after we’ve forgotten all about Petite Anglaise.
Note to publishers: I have been working on a proposal for my own book – “Petit Anglais, In Paris, Incontinent, In the Metro” – about an ageing Englishman’s struggle to cope with an embarrassing personal problem on public transport. Manuscript available on request.

14 responses to “"Petite Anglaise" by Catherine Sanderson

  1. I think this is very fair.

    Given that my brief was to be true to the voice on the blog, I’ve obviously pulled that off!

    I will say that I included the rather unsavoury blogging scenes specifically to illustrate how unhealthy personal blogging sometimes gets and if I made you feel uncomfortable, that’s my mission accomplished…


  2. Nice review, Rhino!

    But I must warn you, “Petit Anglais: Incontinent” is already in development. Back off.

  3. la fille en rose

    i’d like to see your version in graphic novel form. whaddya think?

  4. What a refreshingly honest review, Rhino.

    btw, when you’ve reworked “Petit Anglais: Incontinent” into script form, make sure there’s a part for a petite australienne. And there must be singing involved. There needs to be both heart-wrenching laments about said personal problems on the public transport mixed with joyful and witty melodies about the solutions to said problems (all of which require skipping around the stage and flinging arms wide).

  5. OK, now I do want it… ! It will be done in a couple of days anyway!

    As for Petit Anglais, the very first mise-en-bouche you gave me a couple of months ago was quite fantastic (talking about incontinence and mise-en-bouche at the same time is quite disgusting, but back to that time you hadn’t mention any… leaks problems). I agree with la petite australienne, you must include singing. What about a musical instead, actually?

  6. yes! a musical!!!

  7. I agree! Petit Anglais the Musical!

  8. frog with a blog

    Went to Brentano’s yesterday to get my copy, but it was already sold out there!!!
    Wonderful review Rhinissimo! Can I be the incontinent version of Mr Frog in your version? Please?

    I so see myself with you wetting our pants in the métro, wearing worn velour top, rainbow diapers and duffel.

  9. Did somebody say musical?!?

  10. “Petit Anglais, In Paris, Incontinent, In the Metro”?

    You taking the piss? Or is it just a marriage of convenience? Or is it that your career is in the toilet? Or is . . . (That’s enough lavatory puns – Ed.)

  11. Does she really write so well? I suppose she must, because something has to explain her success and her selfishness, immaturity and narcisism cannot don’t.

  12. dumdad hehe, all of the above? Anonymous, could you be my first troll? Narcissism, with three “s” please, though, and sort out the grammar at the end of your sentence.

  13. gorgeousophie

    Lololol! Love it Rhino – your synopsis as well as the way you have “mouché” Anonymous! ;o)

  14. I thought I was the only one who thought Mr. Frog rocked in the book. Something I never felt while reading the blog at the time.

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